Internal or external triggers

A build in drum trigger is without doubt the best solution, because the trigger is placed in the center. This gives you a natural feel while playing. High quality module try to emulate this with when using external trigger (edge), but it isn't perfect. So, a internal trigger is your best choice.

drum trigger built-in tom tom

Drum Trigger


DIY mesh head

What are drum triggers

Drum Triggers

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What's a trigger?

A drum trigger is an electronic device that converts vibration into a electric pulse. The drum trigger is attached to or build in the drum.
The trigger is connected to a drum-module. This drum-module produces the drum sounds. In most cases a piezo element is used as a transducer.

Acoustic drum kit
From this drum-module, you are able to assign various audio samples to each drum. This way you can turn an acoustic drum set into an electronic drum set. Your electronic kit now has normal tom sizes and looks much better then a electronic kit.


Mesh head drum kit with 682Drums mesh heads and built in drumtriggers.

2box mesh heads

Alesis mhc

mesh heads